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    Agents, we need you. Will you face the challenge?


    You only have one chance. Will your wit help save the world?


    What are they planning? Can you stop them?


    Get into an industrial enclosure/area where a criminal organization has been detected.



Year 2025, the location of a criminal organization has been detected in an area of difficult access that some call it “The Fortress”. Somehow, they have managed to steal weapons from federal headquarters, which we know they intend to use...

We need you! We need the best special missions team to end this situation. You must go inside the enclosure and find what’s going on inside there.

In order to make it you have 70 minutes before the criminals come back. Be careful! We don’t know what you will find in there, but we trust your abilities.

Agents… Do you accept this mission? Do you dare to save the world?

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Teams from 2 to 8 people

We suggest teams between 4 and 6 people to guarantee that the experience will be enjoyed to the fullest. However, we accept up until 8 people because we have the necessary space to do so. Teamwork and coordination will be the key to success. You’ll have 70 minutes.
Genre: Adventures.

Choose the date

Use the calendar to indicate when you’ll come to play. You’ll have to come 10 minutes before the time of the reservation and ring the bell when all of you are present.
If you book with less than 24 hours in advance, please call.

Several options for payment

Two payment options:

  • - Full payment by credit card the day of the reservation.
  • - Leave your deposit the day of the reservation and pay what’s left the day of the game.

If you can’t come

It is essential to notify 48 hours in advance and we will modify your reservation (only a maximum of 2 free changes are allowed, any extra change will have a surcharge of €30). If the notice is less than 48 hours, the change cannot be made and the game will be considered enjoyed.
Under no circumstances will the reservation be refunded.


From monday to thursday (not public holidays):

2 people

32 /per person

3 people

25 /per person

4 people

22 /per person

5 people

20 /per person

6, 7 y 8 people

18 /per person

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:

2 people

40 /per person

3 people

28 /per person

4 people

24 /per person

5 people

22 /per person

6, 7 y 8 people

20 /per person

Gift vouchers

Surprise whoever you want and gift the experience of Fugitivos Room Escape. You will not be wrong with us as our escape room is not for the faint of heart. Live a unique, different, funny and original experience. Give Fugitivos Room Escape. Do you accept our mission?

With the purchase of a gift voucher you’ll get a code so that the person you give it to can exchange it for an experience in Fugitivos Room Escape. The lucky person who gets this code only has to book day and hour and enter the CODE at the time of payment.

Warning: If you’re not sure how many players you will be, you can purchase the gift voucher for the minimum (2 people) and the difference will be paid on the day of the game. Up to 8 players can sign up! The voucher will be valid for 6 months from the moment you purchase it (subject to availability and game reservations).


Can I carry out a Team Building action or evaluate my workers?

Of course. If you rule a company or want to suggest it to your boss, contact us and we’ll send you all the information. We’ll give you all the necessary details so you know all you need to know. Besides, we have a team of professionals, including psychologists, to evaluate and adapt your needs.

Who is the game aimed at? Is there a minimum age?

It’s an activity suitable for all audiences, however, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. This adult doesn’t have to be part of the mission. Our game is ideal to enjoy as a couple, with friends, family… It’s also highly recommended to evaluate teamwork and/or Team Building activities.

Special Children/Birthdays

Due to the high demand and the current needs of teenagers, in Fugitivos Room Escape we have created a level for them. It is perfect for children who wants to enjoy the activity without adults participating.*

*Minimum age: 10 years. Children over 10 years old can play the game alone. However, the presence of an adult will be necessary during the activity. We will offer the possibility for the adult (for free) to stay with our Game Master and be able to observe the children playing. When making the reservation, in the comments section, you must indicate “CHILD LEVEL”.

Those over 16 years old can play alone without the presence or accompaniment of this adult.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Children between 7 and 10 years old can be accompanied by adults and enjoy the experience with their parents / relatives at standard level. For security reasons, we do not allow children under 7 to enter the game under any circumstances.

In case of picking the ‘birthday option’ there is the possibility of personalizing the experience and highlighting the birthday person in a special way without any cost (prior telephone notice of at least 48 hours in advance). We also inform you that we do not offer a birthday cake or catering, but in adjoining premises we have a wide offer (bakeries, bars or “La Maquinista shopping center” itself with an extensive range of possibilities).

Can I leave the game anytime?

Yes, our room meets all safety standards so if you ever want to leave you just have to open the door. All of our rooms access directly to the common area and therefore your departure will be immediate.

Can a pregnant woman come to play?

Yes, our room is suitable for them. It doesn’t require physical efforts and you can leave the game anytime you want if you need to and your exit will be immediate. Obviously, they can go back in and continue to enjoy the game if they so choose.

Is it adapted for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, our room escape is 100% adapted for people with reduced mobility. You can play the game with a wheelchair without problems. We want everyone to enjoy this activity.

What’s an Escape Room?

It’s a live game where, while having a mission and 70 minutes, you will solve different puzzles, games, riddles… an endless mental challenges until you get out of the game.

You must create your team with a minimum of 2 people and up to a maximum of 8 players. Teamwork and understanding will be the most important part of the game. No previous knowledge or special skills are required. You just have to use your intelligence to escape.

Is this a horror/tension game?

No, our game is not a horror game and there’s no tension involved. It’s about an adventure for all audiences. Nevertheless, there’s a dim light during the development of the game; if this brings some kind of problem to the player you can previously inform us so it can be modified. Our main goal is for you to be able to enjoy the experience to the fullest and complete the mission. It’s a unique experience.

¿Qué medidas toma FUGITIVOS ante la COVID-19?

Para acceder al local será opcional llevar mascarilla de protección, nosotros proporcionaremos gel hidroalcohólico para higienizar las manos (será voluntario el uso de guantes) y en todo momento se deberá respetar la distancia de seguridad de dos metros con el Game Master. Cada equipo de jugadores dispondrá del local exclusivamente para ellos, sin ningún tipo de contacto ajeno.

Cabe destacar que previamente se ha realizado una desinfección completa de todos los objetos manipulables con productos homologados, así como de la sala y se ha procedido a la renovación de aires pertinente gracias nuestro sistema de extracción. No se permitirá el acceso al baño (excepto causas de fuerza mayor). Y en el caso de haber realizado una paga y señal de la partida, se realizará un único pago por grupo del importe pendiente en el local el día del juego.

AVISO IMPORTANTE: Si algún jugador ha tenido fiebre en los 15 días anteriores a la fecha de juego debe comunicarlo y no podrá jugar la partida. Se le ofrecerá la posibilidad de asignar nueva fecha.

Para poder respetar todas estas medidas de seguridad, nos vemos obligados a cumplir con exactitud nuestros horarios. Por lo tanto, el tiempo de juego (70 minutos) empezará a la hora asignada.

What happens if I don’t get out on time?

Don’t worry, our Game Master will watch you every moment of the game, helping you so you can fulfill the mission and on the opposite, if you don’t make it in time, the game will come to its end and you will go back to the real world. And afterwards, you will discover what was left to do so you can finally understand the mission.

How should we go dressed?

You can come dressed as you want but we always recommend comfortable clothes and shoes.

How do I book a reservation?

Reservations are made through the website, however, if you have any doubts or problems, you can contact us and make the booking by phone. Only in case you want to make a reservation for less than 24 hours in advance, you must contact us to be able to book.

What happens if we don’t arrive in time?

We always advise arriving 10 minutes before the established hour, since the games have set times. But if you don’t arrive on time, calm down, you can play, but you will be discounted the delay in the game time.

If I have a discount code, how do I use it?

At the time of making the payment of your reservation, enter the discount code in the “PROMOTIONAL CODE” box and the discount will automatically be applied.

Can I modify or cancel a reservation?

Once the reservation is made, you can modify it as long as you do it 48 hours prior to the reserved time, since we will not have time to assign that time to another group. Keep in mind that if that happens there will be no refunds. For cancellations or modifications you must contact us by phone.

Can an extra player join in at the last minute?

Of course! Once you are at the premise you can pay the difference, but remember, you can only expand players up to a maximum of 8.

While we play… are you recording us?

No. We use cameras to follow the development and resolution of the puzzles by the players and to help, if necessary, giving the necessary clues. In no case we record images or sounds. Likewise, the use of mobile phones, tablets and any other device for capturing, recording or reproducing audio-visual content during the game by players is forbidden.

Is there any kind of danger in the game?

Not at all. It’s an activity in which all we want you to do is to have a good time, to give off a lot of adrenaline. There will be a small tension in order to get the game started but it won’t bleed into the experience. There’s a person supervising the game at all times which you can always have a word with immediately.

Is there a parking area nearby?

Yes, our escape room is next to “La Maquinista” shop center which has free parking as well as restaurant and a wide commercial offer.

Can you play the game in different languages?

Yes, we have Game Masters prepared for it and we offer the possibility of carrying out the activity in three languages: Catalan / Spanish / English. It must be previously selected at the time of booking (there is a drop-down in the website), in the case of not locating it, you can indicate it in the section: “comments”.


For any doubt or suggestion, please fill out the following form:

I agree to the terms and conditions

Passatge Posoltega, 11
08030 Barcelona
Phone: 663 762 802 info@fugitivosroomescape.com

  • L1 Sant Andreu
  • 11-40-42-60-H4-H8-B23-M28-N8-N9
  • R2 and R2 Nord de Rodalies Catalunya, station Sant Andreu Comtal
  • Ronda de Dalt (B-20) Exit 1
    Ronda de Litoral (B-10) Exit 30
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